Summer Wisła Legends in “Dom Herbaciany”

Legend of the Warsaw’s Mermaid at the “Dom Herbaciany”

This time legends had stayed longer in Warsaw. On August 1, the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, apart from telling a legend and creating beautiful mermaids, participants received insurrection bands. Everyone stood up for W hour. The grandparents told their grandkids why it was such a tradition. It was very subdued and very creative. On this hot Tuesday, valiant volunteers like Ania, Paulina and Darek, helped as always and we are very thankful for it. The workshop was led and legend was told by Małgorzata Brus, our culture animator.

Legend of Wars and Sawa

Holiday is half-way, rainy July is not gracious, but it does not disturb telling legends of the “Wisła” river at the Tea House. Despite the inconvenience, under the vault of the blue pavilion the participants created beautiful works, precisely images of the Warsaw’s Old Town. The legend of Wars and Sawa was told by the artist Małgorzata Karkosz, art historian from the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. As usual volunteers helped, special thanks to Marcin Prokop, who prepared a workshop post this day.

Legend of Kazimierz’s Rooster

Wisła goes on and on with it’s legends. It reached Kazimierz Dolny. This place is associated with the legend of the Rooster and the devil. The kids gathered at the Tea House and listened with interest to story and started to make their own roosters and hens. At one point, the meeting became international, because Norwegian family who were having a holiday in Warsaw joined us. It was a very successful meeting with the legend, because weather was great and children created beautiful works. As usual we were helped by volunteers Ania, Paulina, Zuzia and Marcin. Thank you!

Legend of the Wawel’s Dragon

At the beginning of the workshop participants listened to a legend about a terrible dragon dwelling in a dragon nest. After hearing a legend children made their small, colorful and quite harmless dragons. At the end, Seniors from Targówek district helped to construct a great dragon which was breathing with fire! There was a lot of fun despite the clouds and ugly as for the July weather.

Legend about White and Black Wisełka

Tuesday’s meetings with legends began at the Wisła river. We were not afraid of the weather nor the wind, and despite weather conditions, a lot of participants of all ages came, they first listened to the legend and then made colorful fishes. Fishes were to be put in the installation depicting the White and Black Wisełka, but weather was so windy that we could not do that and the children took their fishes home.

You can enjoy the legends of the Wisła river, those well known or those little known, artistic workshops, and great fun, you can experience it if you join us at Tea House in the Bródnowski Park, where we gather every tuesday afternoon.

The artist and an animator Małgorzata Brus runs her own workshops mainly for children but also for adults too. She invites guests, artists, volunteers who co-lead the event with her. Participants learn the legends of Cracow, Kazimierz, Torun, smell spiced gingerbread, smother roosters, create recycled dragons that breath fire, and paint. And above all, they work together creatively. Seniors, adults and children.

Classes are held every Tuesday under the blue canopy of the Foundation House of Culture at the Tea House in Bródnowski Park, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

The project is funded by the Warsaw – Targówek District.

We appreciate the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the owner of the Sculpture Park, for it’s support.

Translated by Michał Tuszyński