About us

Foundation „Dom Kultury” was established in 2007.

It conducts socially and widely involved cultural and artistic education.

It brings the cultural, social and educational offer to environments that have difficult access to it, are marginalized or excluded.

It fights for equal opportunities through granting universal access to cultural, educational and pro-social activities, as well as to art.

It activates the professionally, socially, culturally and educationally, young people from educational centers, prisoners, ethnic and cultural minorities, children from dysfunctional backgrounds, and all of those who are in need.

It uses art and culture as a tool for social communication.

It carries out educational “work at the root” in schools of all levels and also supports groups and individuals from areas with risk of exclusion.

It teaches mediation and leads school, peer, penal and juvenile mediations.

Promotes tolerance, respect for diversity and dissimilarity and peaceful dispute resolution.

Foundation „ Dom Kultury” is a “detour house” in which, every room has its own character and purpose, and is a place in which everyone will find support, culture, education and understanding.

Ela Wrona – President of the Foundation

Culture animator, she graduated in catholic theology, worked in „Polish Council of Christians and Jews” and in young journalists association „Polis”. She worked in the publishing house „Perspektywy Press” and event planning company „Biuro Królewny Piki”. Co-author of the book „Opowieść o radości i cierpieniu”.Propagator of the idea of equalizing social opportunities, counteracting the exclusion and building attitudes of openness to people, especially people threatened with marginalization.

Justyna Domasłowska Szulc – Vice–president

She graduated in Polish language and culture and theology, culture animator, founder of the „Polish Council of Christians and Jews”, she worked as volunteer in many non-governmental organizations. She worked as a assistant of Chief Rabbi of Poland – Pinchas Menachem Joskowicz. She co-authored a book about his life. She led „Biuro Królewny Piki” the event planning company. Since 2007 she has been working on the board of “Dom Kultury” foundation. She coordinates projects in the prison for women in the Warsaw Grochów Detention Center.

She was decorated with the Silver Badge of the Minister of Justice for merit in penitentiary work. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in the program “Citizenship” in 2015.

Małgorzata Brus Zduleczny – Culture animator

Film costume designer – filmmaker, photographer, culture animator, member of the Association of Polish Filmmakers:  filmography. she gave her heart to the Foundation “Dom Kultury”.

Student of Cultural Studies at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw.





Leszek Wejcman is a journalist, screenwriter and director. He has worked, among others, for Polish Television news program “Panorama”, and led the on-air-promotion department of digital satellite platform “nc+”, part of Canal+Group. He is the author of the communication training program (writing lessons) lekcjapisania.pl

Michal Engelhardt – Co-worker

Journalist, reporter, blogger, activist, social worker, leads the ewkratke.blog.pl blogging class.

Beata Matusiak Bulak – billing and promotion specialist

With her educational background in the sciences she is a project accounting specialist in our foundation. In prison project, she deals with the broadcasting system Grochów Detention Center. Her hobbies are advanced fitness (LessMilss!) and rotwailers breeding

Zuzanna Brus – project promotion

Journalism student at UKSW, deals with the messengers, social networking and online promotion.

Dariusz Żukowski – co-worker

Plant scientist, naturalist, Klenczon’s devotee, propagator of the work of Lavon Volski, is one of the heads of AG – Complex. Teaches, animates, plants and popularizes art.



Aneta Wawrzyńczak – co-worker

Reporter, traveler, graduate of Social Policy at Warsaw University. As she says, the only thing she can do in life is to talk, listen and write – that’s why at the age of 14, she decided she would be a journalist. As a reporter, she traveled. Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, the Balkans, Crimea, Iran and Iraq. Every day is the so-called freelancer. She specializes in social issues and human rights. In her free time she learns languages, paints pictures, watches european and middle eastern cinema, reads books and writes. She co-operates with our foundation in creating eWKratke blog by regularly conducting classes in women’s prisons.

Piotr Jenczyk – co-worker

Engineer, beginner scientist, fan of original ideas, started as a volunteer-tutor in the prison for women in the Warsaw Grochów Detention Center, latterly implements his math project FUN-MAT in youth educational centers in Warsaw. He wishes he spent leisure time with Derrida, but keeps in touch with Judym






Ada Szulc – a volunteer
She’s studying at the Zamoyski high school in Warsaw. She’s passionate about history of art, arts and literature. She loves spending her free time outdoors, horse riding and volunteering. In our Foundation she takes care of social media.


Jan Mioduchowski – volonteer

He is 17 years old, student of Photography School. He is interested in film and photography – he is dealing with it over four years. The passion for recording has been fueled by his interest in skateboarding, which is keeping him for youngest years of primary school. Janek makes a lot of projects on different topics and tries to deviate from the standards. It makes him very happy


Translated by Michał Tuszyński