Roślinnicy EN

Fot. Anna Siekierska

Roślinnicy” is our new project based on a project „Fikus”.

These are artistic workshops, cultural and natural education for students of the Youth Care Center No. 3 in Warsaw.

During the workshop participants will take care of the plants, the spatial installation will be created consinting of carvings with unwanted pot flowers and also an artbook.

Artistic and botanical workshops will be conducted by artists and botanists for 20 boys from the care center number 3 at ul. Patriotów 90 in Warsaw.

Works will be presented on the Internet and public events, and the publication will be example of how botanic and artistic action can serve social re-adaptation.

The beginning of our activities was the “Fikus” project of the artist: Anna Siekierska, Krystyna Jędrzejewska – Szmek, Paulina Mirowska. It’s spine is symbolic re-engaging of people with plants through artistic activities: on the one hand unwanted, thrown pot plants and on the other young people who are at the moment living in care centers.

This combination becomes a pretext for connecting local social activities with artistic interventions: engaging young people, first in the care of abandoned plants, then in creative workshops with artists involving creation of sculptures – flowerbeds, and finally the creation of an artistic documentary of action.

The project will make our participants aware of the art and the plants, and therefore their surroundings. It will teach participants how to take care of plants and responsibility. It will introduce them into modern art, teach them to receive and allow unrestrained creativity.

Thanks to these actions, there will be created an unusual installation: a sculpture – flowerbed referring to the design of the 1960s, also an art book reflected in the silkscreen printing technology, released using the method of selfpublishing. This publication will be an intimate portrait of the participants and their relationships with plants, as well as documentation of the course, conversations and history.

It will also be a textbook for social activities and artistic interventions for the re-adaptation of disfavoured people through their participation in the arts.

The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Culture Center under the program “Culture interventions”.

Translated by Michał Tuszyński