Music connects generations

Multi-generation choir.

“Music connects generations” is the working title of our new project, where we will sing together patriotic and old songs. Together seniors and juniors, from very different backgrounds.


Seniors benefit from classes conducted at the Daily Social Welfare House at ul. Walecznych 59 in South Praga, and juniors are staying in the Youth Educational Center of Priests of Orionists at ul. Barska in Warsaw. Theoretically, there are many differences: age, origin, residence, life situation. But in practice they will be connected by singing together. They will be meeting on joint rehearsals and vocal exercises conducted by Marcin Steczkowski.

Martin is a composer, arranger, musician and social worker. He will lead our choir classes and prepare the participants to perform in front of a wide audience at the end of this year.


It will be an amateur choir, although with some preparation. Seniors have been singing for years, because they simply like it, and juniors may not have sung before professionally, but they have been singing for some time, because they participate actively in the masses celebrated in their center. So all are amateurs with some experience.

At this moment, in July 2017, we are already after the first meeting with choristers. Casting has been also carried. Everyone embraced the project enthusiastically – thanks to Martin Steczkowski, who charmed everyone with his personality and professionalism.

The “Music of the Generations” project is funded by the Museum of Polish History in program “Patriotism of Tomorrow”.

“Music connects generations” is a project in which patriotic tradition meets modern means of expression. Where seniors engage in creative activities with teenagers. The project consists in creating an intergenerational choir, composed of seniors from Daily Social Welfare House at ul. Walecznych 59 in Warsaw and pupils of the Youth Educational Center of the Orionist Priests at ul. Barska 4.


The choir will prepare a repertoire of Polish patriotic songs. For one of the songs, there will be created a professional music video, which will be available online. The whole program will be presented at the Warsaw Independence celebrations.

The choir will be led by Marcin Steczkowski from the famous musical family Steczkowski.

The main premise of the project is patriotic education, by promoting the Polish patriotic song in a new form.

Translated by Michał Tuszyński