Summer Wisła Legends in Bemowo

Second edition of summer creative workshops at Amphitheater in Michael Jackson’s Park in Bemowo has been opened!

You can enjoy the legends of the Wisła River, those well known or those little known, artistic workshops, and great fun, if you join us in our blue tent at the Amphitheatre in the Bemowo Park, where we gather every Thursday afternoon.

In the Bemowo District, we have regular fans, who join us almost every week, despite the weather. Together with the artist and animator Małgorzata Brus, children and adults listen to the legends of the Wisła river, and together they share their creativity.

The workshops are held every Thursday under the blue canopy of the Foundation of Culture House in the M. Jackson Park at Bemowo, from 5 pm to 7 pm. We invite all the inhabitants of the Capital and visitors to come.

The project is funded by the Capital City of Warsaw – the District of Bemowo.

Legend of the Warsaw’s Mermaid 

Little participants listened with great interest to the legend of the Warsaw’s Mermaid, an interpretation of Arthur Oppman’s version. And then the workshop began, children and their parents were given a variety of plastic materials to choose from. Beautiful mermaids were born! The children proudly posed with them for photography. Some of them can be seen in photogallery. Thanks to our volunteers: Ania, Daria and Paulina, who helped the little creators from Bemowo district.

Legend of Wars and Sawa at Amphitheater in Bemowo district

Barbakan, Royal Castle, tenement houses, all this was meticulously reproduced by the participants of the plastic workshop led by Małgorzata Karkosz, animator and art historian. At the beginning of the meeting kids listened to a legend about Wars and Sawa, and then children and their carers decorated their tenements, in final creating a panorama of the Old Town in Warsaw. As usual we had help from volunteers : Daria, Zuzia, Darek, Marcin.

Legend of Kazimierz’s Rooster

The Bemowo District has not seen so many roosters and hens for a very long time. This happened thanks to children’s laboriousness, who after hearing the legend of Kazimierz, made roosters and other poultry from cake and feathers. Birds in dotted sockets went to new owners. Next week we are meeting with the legend of Wars and Sawa by the Wisła river in Warsaw.

The Legend of the Wawel Dragon by the Amphitheatre

As expected, there were a lot of children and adults willing to play together. This time Wisła arrived to Cracow and it was time for a legend of the Wawel Dragon. Children and their carers made small dragons of various materials with the help of volunteers, as a result producing beautiful works. There was also a huge long-tailed fire-breathing dragon built of course with the help of small inhabitants of the Bemowo District.

The Legend of White and Black Wisełka

The legend of the origin of the Wisła river started a new season of our cooperation with the Bemowo District. As every year kids with their carers were gathered under the blue pavilion. Everyone listened to legends and then made fish from various materials. The fish could be left to become part of a spatial installation visualizing White and Black Wisełka, but small participants preferred to take their fish home.

Translated by Michał Tuszyński