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eWkratke – Blog one of a kind

It is created by women imprisoned in a detention center in the Grochów district in Warsaw.

Initially offline, but thanks to the MKiDN grant and thanks to the voluntary work of devoted volunteers, you have been able to read their posts and conduct dialogue with them for three years now.

Twice a week we conduct classes for bloggers, something like a „window to the world”, windows to the freedom. They are led by specialists from different fields, hobbyists, enthusiasts. They talk about their fascination, work, problems. And then the girls write posts, that we publish on eWKratke.

From June 2017 we will start with a new blogging program, thanks to funding from the PZU Foundation.

This time we will focus on developing social skills of our participants. The effects in the form of posts will be able for view on eWkratke site.

We are pleased to announce that „PGE” foundation has become new co-founder of the project eWkratke.


Fot. Małgorzata Brus

Can you talk inspirational and creative about poetry? It turns out that you can!

Imrpisoned co-authors of the blog ewkratke.blog.pl found out that, when participating in poetry workshops. It happened thanks to Ewa Frączek , a poet, philosopher and university lecturer. At the beginning of the meeting one of the bloggers complained that she did not understand and was not interested in poetry, but after less than 15 minutes of the meeting, the same person emotionally described Baczyński’s poem „Elegia o chłopcu polskim”. – Skrót Girls first interpreted a fragment of Jacek Kaczmarski’s poem „Legenda o miłości”. Although not in word form but in graphic form. Next there was a poetic exercise consisting of telling content of the Baczyński’s poem in prose. The culmination of the workshop was an analysis of Miłosz’s poem „Uczciwe opisanie samego siebie nad szklanką whisky na lotnisku, dajmy na to w Minneapolis”, difficult and demanding poem, but as it turned out, they also could handle it. It was an unusual meeting, because of the difficult subject, but the participants were very willing to explore poetry. We are very grateful to Ewa Frączek for dedicating your holiday time for a prison meeting!

The first meeting of the new blog was led by Michał Engelhardt, a journalist, a reporter, a blogger, and now a mentor of the program. The classes were devoted to post-truth.

Michał came out of the truth: what is it and whether we can know it with our senses. During the conversation it turned out that this is impossible.

Then, together, the mentor and bloggers, took up post-truth. What is and what is causing it. How to assess sources of information for potential truth…

The seed was sown.

You will find texts about the truth on eWkratke.

Translated by Michał Tuszyński